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DICHROLAM Color Changing Architectural Glass
Picture in your mind a polished gemstone of Opal.  Now picture it the size of a conference table. 
Dichrolam™ is the first glazing and surfacing material in seamless architectural sized glass and acrylic panels (up to 54" x 144") that have dichroic, ("di"=two, "chroic"=color) thin film technology built right into the material that actually changes color in full spectrum color shifts according to viewing angle.
If you are familiar with common dichroic glass (limited size, EXPENSIVE color-changing art glass often found in jewelry), then Dichrolam is optically identical, yet without the price, size and fabrication limitations.  Dichrolam also has higher color saturation and wider color spectrum shift than other metal deposition dichroic glass products.
For certified safety glass and flat, non-textured laminations, click on the "Red & Green" tab here or at top of page. 
For deep topographic textured laminations that look like Opal from another planet, click on the "Dichrolam Textures" tab here or above
Click on all the other tabs for architectural installations, custom sculpture and wall art.
Below is rotating gallery of eye-candy photos as quick examples from favorite installs to custom sculpture (like this new wall), splashing with inter-reflecting colors that are only possible through the fabrication techniques developed by John Blazy - Dichrolam's inventor and former furniture designer.
As a truly original new medium for architectural glazing, lighting, opaque wall and work surfacing to sculpture and art, these products were invented by a designer, for designers. This website is photo-intensive, as the only way to convey the color dynamics and application possibilities is to devote much space to this - so look thoroughly and often, as it is updated constantly.

John Blazy Designs - Dichrolam Dichroic Laminates Division and Scultpure and Art Division.   E-mail: - dichrolam@att.net or go to contact page for sampling. 
Architectural Glass Design, Changing Color Glass, Dichroic Glass
See cover article in Decorative Glass Magazine 

Architectural Glass Design, Changing Color Glass, Dichroic Glass

Martini Bar at Pickwick and Frolic Restaurant, Cleveland, OH in Crystal Sea Red Dichrolam lit from underneath flanked with Black Sea Dichrolam drink rails.

Below: Bloomberg Executive Offices, New York, NY. Fourteen foot high sheets of Dichrolam Green in laminated glass create light boxes of unreal color-changing infinite-mirror FX.  Designer - Studios Architects

Architectural Glass Design, Changing Color Glass, Dichroic Glass

Photo courtesy of Metropolis, November 2005 issue, ©2005 Bellerophon Publications, Inc. Permission granted by Metropolis http://www.metropolismag.com/
Below is a seventeen foot conference table for MTV made in Black Sea Dichrolam. To its right is the sculpture "Projection" in Dichrolam Red and Green.  Designer - John Blazy

Architectural Glass Design, Changing Color Glass, Dichroic Glass

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