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Wall Art & Sculpture

All art on this page can be purchased through select galleries in your area - contact John Blazy for a listing
Hall mirror in 2X "SpinalWave" textured Green glass
20" x 26" Ht 
Vectorious Fin closeup
"Art Dichro"
Hall mirror in Red and Green glass
25W x 38ht x 5
Hall Mirror in Red and Green pyramids on mirror
22 x 22
Hall mirror in thermoformed Green acrylic
18 x 24
"Red Burl"
Hall Mirror in Red Burl Dichrolam
18 x 25
"Red Burl"
Desktop Mirror in Red Burl Dichrolam
8 x 10
"Samples From Other Planet's Oceans"
Red Burl Dichrolam art for the wall - hand patterned with deep topography
7" x 7" to 38 x 85 - all custom
"Black Sea"
Hall Mirror in Black Sea Dichrolam
18 x 25
Desktop mirror in
thermoformed Green acrylic
6 x 8
"Nine Layer Delta Progression"
Sculpture in Red Dichrolam
10 x 10 x 10
"Tetrahedral Tower"
Sculpture in Red Dichrolam
15 x 15 x 20
Imagine a glass wall or freestanding sculpture that radiates colors purer than any pigment can produce, radiating through geometric pyramids and prisms where that color actually CHANGES its color throughout the entire spectrum depending upon viewing angle.
That color is actually “structural color” called dichroism, based on the science of thin film physics – the exact same principle as the colors from the natural gemstone, Opal.
Dichrolam was invented by a designer, for designers, so imagine the possibilities . . .

As a result of John’s fabrication abilities from years of furniture manufacturing and executing large and challenging architectural glass projects and feature walls in Dichrolam, John has been able to single out the most envelope-pushing scientific methods and aesthetic motifs that truly make Dichrolam sing. .

Utilizing special constructions of Dichrolam that are not available in the general product line of the Dichrolam Laminates Division, these laminates allow fabrication techniques with UV cured adhesives that create geometric shapes with insane chromatic inter-reflections.
These faceted, folded shapes create reflection and transmission color blends that have a richness and color-splashing ability not possible with the simple sheet form of Dichrolam.
The amazing ability of these sculptures to splash light around a space is what we call color confetti, which can be seen in many of these photographs as well as the Spire video above. 
Wall panels in the Dichrolam Sea textures have been commissioned by several clients as Art for the wall, and with such an opalescent material, jewelry is a natural possibility.
These sculptures can be seen at very few select galleries accross the US.  If interested further, contact us for more information.

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