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Dichrolam Textures

This page will have ongoing updating due to the frequent additions to the new texturing process, so please be patient as new pics and patterns are uploaded and some documents require updating.
Like rippling waves on water, the Dichrolam "Textures" laminates exhibit hand-patterned, actual three dimensional topography on the underside of glass or PET.  Under the smooth flat glass face, you see what you think are high and low ridges and valleys, but when touched - all you feel is flat glass. All with the vivid colors and nearly literal duplication of the gemstone Opal (same light physics).  The first two products - Black Sea and Red Burl, are staples in the Dichrolam line since 1999, however, March of 2012 came the date when John patented a new texturing process that allows ANY custom texture pattern to be made in glass, even clear (without dichroic) to simulate cast glass, but without the uneven, distorted back and dull pocked surface characteristic of cast glass.  Crystal Sea has been replaced with these textures.   

Dichrolam Textures are produced primarily in the following patterns and "colors":

  • Black Sea: As the name suggests, this resembles a dark ocean of waves in an opaque surfacing material using a blue/green dichroic film on a dark background. Proprietary patterning creates occasional veins of deep copper reds and golds among blue waves, then shifts into deep violets at skewed viewing angles. Made annealed or tempered glass for tabletops like the MTV conference table on the homepage as well as wall tiles and art panels.
  • Red Burl: Carpathian Elm Burl hooked up with Australian Black Opal, and had a child named Red Burl. This deep textured pattern has been perfected to create primary deep reds and golds that are streaked with veins of deep blue violet in a random burl pattern.  Twice as difficult to create as Black Sea, yet twice as striking.  Created primarily for wall panels and accent trim tiles in glass, we recently developed PET laminated versions that can be CNC milled into limitless trim shapes for luxury yacht, supercar, and private jet interiors.
  • Short Wave: The first patterns in our newly patented process are cool wave effects.  To reduce sampling costs, we are introducing these two here, although ANY size, shape or wavelength / height combination can be made with our custom made patterns.  All patterns are available in "Red" or "Green" dichroic like our flat safety glass products, as well as the blue opaque dichroic, and the DichroMetallics colors.  Short Wave is highly aesthetic, and has a repeat every 6" so joining panels need to reflect match dimensions.  Available in any size up to 50 x 140" and any thickness of annealed or toughened glass.  Panel shown in pic above is "Green" backlighted. 
  • Long Wave: This wave pattern looks similar to Short Wave, but is MUCH larger, has staggered waves, and deeper topography for very dramatic yet flowing effects.  Same options as above, but wavelength is 12".  Pic below with John is in "Green" color and gives an example of scale, while the other pics are "Red" panels.
  • Bubbles: This random pattern provides a fun atomosphere, and when used as backlighted bar tops, patrons will have fun setting their glasses inside a bubble of their choice. Same options as above - color shown in last pic above is "Red" backlighted, while this pic below is "Green" backlighted.
  • Our texturing process allows for custom patterns with multiple symmetries like the these hall mirrors in which the "spinalwave" pattern has bilateral symmetry.
    For many interior applications of the translucent textures, the panels can be supplied with a scratch-resistant overlay protecting the texture as a finished surface (like all the samples in our standard sample kit), but there is an option to supply the panels as dual pane glass panels with a backing panel edge sealed to the face lite so that the #1 and #4 (face and back) surfaces are flat, and the texture is directly protected.   Another similar option is to make the panel into an IG unit - a standard Insulated Glass panel passing code for exterior requirements where the edge seal is a moisture absorbing spacer.  
    All these textures are possible with opaque backing for opaque surfacing like wall cladding or conference table tops, so they have the option of felt backing instead of backer glass for single pane applications.  See Typical Constructions  and Sea Texture Constructions page on this website for spec details
  • Construction / Specification guide for "Textures":

  • DichroMetallics

    This is an opaque laminated texture with metallic backpaints that can utilize any of our new textures like Long and Short Wave, but our "Dune" pattern is perfect for this opaque surfacing lamination, as the Dune pattern has its sparkling "sand" applied as metallics and ghost pearlescents pigments.  This pattern was made by John after he studied actual sand ripple patterns seen in Michigan sand dunes and through the windows of his glass bottom boat.

    Some of the colors coating these textures are the most expensive pigments in the world, and change colors just like Dichrolam, as the pigment flakes are actual platelets of dichroic metal deposition coatings that have been ground into pigment.  Our patterns can be coated with any metallic automotive finish, as well as monochromatic metallic.  The Blue2Red over White color has a subtle color change, as it is a "ghost pearl", which is lower cost than the Flame or Silver2Green, so pricing varies.   

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