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Dichrolam “Red” and “Green” CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Category II Safety Glass
This is the most common of the Dichrolam products. Unlike the three-dimensional, topographic "Sea" textured Dichrolam, the Dichrolam Red and Green is a laminated glass or plastic sheet that is mirror-like in its flat surface and reflectivity. This product utilizes color-changing layers that are uniquely color-saturated in the transmitted and reflected light FX, as well as opaque constructions for purely reflective dichroism. As the photos may mislead you, the colors are named based on the reflected color, not the transmitted color, which is dominant in these photos below.
Dichrolam Red:
Reflected colors of this safety glass or plastic range from bright copper red to gold, shifting into green at skewed viewing angles.  Transmitted colors are aqua blue, shifting into darker blue violet then into rich magenta at skewed viewing angles.  Commonly specified as heat strengthened or tempered laminated safety glass, and often used as the interior panel of an insulated glass unit (IGU).  Satin-etch and Low Iron glass can be specified as well.  Thickness ranges from 1/4" to 1" and panel sizes up to 50" x 120"  
Acrylic and Polycarbonate versions are face laminations of the dichroic films onto any thickness or substrate of acrylic, polycarbonate or PETG, available with or without abrasion resistant hardcoats
Dichrolam Green:
Reflected colors of this safety glass or plastic range from yellow green at right angle viewing to blue green at skewed viewing angles.  Transmitted colors are deep blue to violet, shifting into bright magenta then into orange and yellow at skewed viewing angles. 
All options avaialble for "Red" apply to "Green" as well. 
Dichrolam Red and Green safety glass is a fraction of the cost of the European dip coated metal oxide dichroic glass (architectural scale dichroics, not small art glass) yet has more saturated color intensity.  Another advantage of Dichrolam is that it is already laminated safety glass in its creation, whereas the dip coated dichroic glass requires lamination added to its already high cost
Example of "Red"
Red / Green Construction guide
Satin-etched "Red" handrail glass at P&G Femcare
Louvered IGU's
w Cell
New Product: "Lattice" double laminated glass in one monolithic panel
"Wave Lattice"
 Dichrolam Red And Green ribbons in sine wave cut
Dichrolam Red and Green in the NEW Oklahoma City Federal Building as “The Rainbow Skylight”. Comprising of nine panels, ten feet long each, laminated with Starphire, optically clear glass.

Chromacrystal Dichrolam


When glass is double laminated with three layers of tempered glass and the inner layer is shattered, it creates a common effect called “cracked ice” glass, which is seen as a common high-end glass that sparkles in sunlight, but with boring white light. Now imagine – like the advent of color TV from black and white – that effect where one layer is fully dichroic. You now have Dichrolam Chromacrystal in Red or Green.”


Further developing hand-applied patterns like the “Sea” textures, John recently introduced this new pattern to the “Green” Dichrolam that gives designers a completely new patterned glass with these engaging, random spots.”
 Dichrolam Green laminated onto sand cast glass:

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