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Atrium Sculpture made in acrylic Dichrolam. 
The most colorful sculpture EVER under a skylight. 
Natural sunlit atriums are the perfect match for a material that takes light and filters it into a full rainbow of color.  Its no wonder why Dichrolam is specified for medical centers in light of the recent studies in Color Therapy.  One of the hurdles to overcome in atrium sculptures is weight and durability.  Not an issue with Dichrolam acrylic, as it is less than half the weight of glass, yet four times stronger.  We even use thick versions of Dichrolam laminated to 3/4" acrylic or Lexan Polycarbonate to part of the structural elements along with stainless steel cable and fittings. 
And WOW can this material be wild when you thermoform it! 
You can order single items like a Spotted Eagle Ray through PayPal, or full geometric prismatic sculptures and hanging tapestries if you have the lighted space.    
 One of the first real commissions to do an atrium sculpture came from SRG Partnership in Oregon to create a mobile for the Shriners Children's Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Jori Bourret and David Piper gave me creative freedom to design the mobile, as long as they were in the form of a school of fish.  What better way than to use actual fish that I personally photographed underwater as templates? 
Made in Dichrolam Green acrylic with "fins" in Red flexible Dichrolam.
Building on these forms and techniques, a whole world of marine creatures can be made in Dichrolam.  One of the most amazing techniques we have developed is the ability to create spots and linear patterns onto the Green Dichrolam, and what better creature than the Spotted Eagle Ray?
Remember Mr. Ray from "Finding Nemo"?  He was a very well rendered Spotted Eagle Ray. 
Well, meet Mrs. Ray!
20" x 18"
Underwater photographers and Marine Biologists will know why I am offering these Nudibranchs (Sea Slugs).  They are the most color and pattern diverse creatures in the ocean (google Nudibranchs, and you will know what I mean), so I just had to create my own color-changing version.
12" x 6"
Manta Rays!
A little larger than Mrs. Ray,
but no spots.
23" x 23"
Atrium Sculpture is amazing with marine creatures, but are definitely not limited to them:
Flower and butterfly sculpture at Massimos Restaurant in Cleveland, OH.
Main flower is 24" DIA
 Please contact us for a list of galleries in your area or retail price lists.  Paypal Accepted.   

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